– snowboard displays
– ski displays
– bicycle displays
– multi-purpose displays



– tailor-made design
– precision of workmanship (TIG welding)
– highest-quality materials
(stainless steel, grey steel and aluminium)

MODERN DESIGN – aesthetics of showcasing

Scrupulously designed, modern, exposing each product perfectly.

FUNCTIONALITY provides safety of products – your concerns of skis falling down and scratching one another are gone. Each pair has its designated space. The hooks are covered with a soft coating that protects side edges of skis, snowboards and bicycle frames. Therefore, products can be taken down and put on without fear of damaging them.
It is also worth noticing that each display takes up little space, e.g. a ski display, being 70 cm long, can hold up to 14 pairs of skis. However, the best ratio of floor space to display capacity is the attribute of bicycle rotating displays, which can hold 10, 20 and even 30 bikes, depending on the size.

PRECISION OF WORKMANSHIP – fine-tuned details products are characterized by attention to every detail and precise finishing of each display.
Our products are manufactured manually through the use of highest-quality materials, so they do not deteriorate even after many years of exploitation. They are powder-coated, which provides additional protection against damage.
On leaving the workshop, each product undergoes quality control and receives its unique tag – a mark being the proof of the highest quality, guaranteed by the brand.